safe contractor ISO

About Us

Door supervisor: Ref: British Standard BS 7960: “a person employed by any person responsible for the management of any licensed premises or event, who has the authority of the owner, licensee, manager or organiser, exclusively or mainly to decide upon the suitability of customers to be allowed on to those premises, and/or to maintain order and public safety”.

Philosophy statement

Our commitment, investment and passion for our business ensures the continued enhancement of professional standards and services across all sectors.

Our competence and adaptability allows us to meet and exceed expectations and satisfactorily achieve the demands of our customers business.

Through the partnership forged we will drive customer experience and care to an elevated standard.


In pursuit of our goals we intend to draw upon the expertise and skill of our management team to identify and communicate ways to continually improve our business and services.

Company values


Crucial to our success; we shall ensure order and public safety is maintained and endeavour to provide customers a secure and relaxed atmosphere at all times.

Where possible, identifying and managing potential risks before an incident develops.


The integrity of our work force is essential. Our customers must feel confident and comfortable with our partnership. Trust in our operational policies and capability is fostered by our honest and truthful approach to open communication.


Intelligent Protection Management Limited (IPM) will ensure a committed workforce, who will deliver a high quality protection management service.

We are devoted to our quality control, working to ISO 9001:2008 standards, and believe this can only be enhanced by regular client feedback and negotiation.

We are committed to the provision of competent, licensed personnel with clear policies on conduct.